• Directory Listings in Error

    Many of my clients are emailing with concern when they receive a message like this:

    You have claimed your listing on Google, but I noticed your business information is incorrect on a number of sites online. Click here to get a free report detailing how your business info appears on Yahoo!, MapQuest, Yelp and 30 more sites.

    Most of you have, or will receive the message from one or more sources.  Many companies are offering to correct your listings.

     These are sent even if most of the information accurate.  There are so many variables, perhaps a directory changed and now allows you to post photos, or expand your listing.  You may have been in business a long time, moved, or used tracking numbers you no longer use, there are a lot of factors which can make one listing be incorrect.  Directory listings have evolved. If you haven’t updated in 2 years, you’ll see dramatic changes with new opportunities to expand your listing.

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