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    Price change in domain name.

    Today my resource for domain name (website name) purchase  announced an increase beginning June 18, 2010 for .com and .net name. The increase is 50 cents. Namesecure.com is the resource I use.

    Namesecure was recently purchased by NetworkSolutions. I checked NetworkSolution’s pricing, which is not easily displayed. For a one year domain they begin at $15.99. This offers a couple of items with it, but if you are launching a full website these aren’t necessary.  They have another plan for $34.99 per year.

    If this is your first time buying a domain name be careful. The price should continue to total under $10.00/year. GoDaddy is offering 6.99/year until you look up a .com and the price jumps to $10.69.

    .com is the extension you want for your domain name. Others are cheaper, but the reason is simple: we’re still .com-minded.

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