• My website is launched: Now What?

    Creating your first website is often a major step.  But once it is launched: now what?

    A website needs to be driven.  As a small business owner your time is limited and driving a website CAN consume a lot of time.  My objective is to help steer you to the most effective and time efficient ways to accomplish this.

    The internet changes so frequently.  What worked 5 years ago no longer will net the same results.  This can easily frustrates website owners.

    When I launched my site 10 years ago there were so few sites (in comparison to today) you could upload your site and eventually search engines found it and all was fine. People  found you.  Now?

    Driving your website needs attention.  There are simple things to do and longer strategies.  I hope to help you make choices for your website, and keep it simple.

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