• How to Get More Organic Traffic to Your Website

    Looking for More Organic Traffic?

    There has been so much about social media for years.  You don’t need it all — be selective in the platforms you devote time and resources toward.  Most of the major players are image oriented.  Facebook favors image and video posts/shares. Instagram, Pinterest, etc. are all about photos.  Google+ absorbed Google Maps a few years back.  When your Google Map appears next to your website in a search result get your photos in front of potential clients.

    Local directories often appear at the top of a search result.  Make sure your listings are filled out and the information is accurate.  It doesn’t matter how people find your website – directories are a great connection to your site.

    Ready for a video?  Use YouTube – it has become its own search engine.  Vimeo and others are great, but if you’re stretched for time YouTube is “the one”.  Your YouTube channel has lots of opportunities for SEO – make use of it – get out ahead of your competitors.How To Get More Organic Traffic

    Guest blogging, forum commenting and press releases are great opportunities, but not simple activities.  These require the most time.

    Get reviews.  Online reviews help drive your website.  When people are talking about your business search engines are taking note.

    Email marketing is on the rise effectively.  If you haven’t already – build a mailing list.  Keep your business in front of your existing clients and engage with them via a newsletter, or a coupon/discount periodic email.  People are opening more of their emails on their phones and tablets.

    Promote your website offline at networking events, on print materials, and giving presentations is a good way to increase branded searches.

    About links – it doesn’t matter how much this has been spammed year after year – links to your website, from your website and within your website remain a solid organic strategy which plays into your organic website strength.

    Add to your website – keep it fresh looking, adding new content and updating photos.  Avoid bounce rates – which means someone landed on your site and quickly left–this is one more thing“Google is watching” when determining which site to deliver in a search.


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