• Online Reviews

    People can now talk about your business in a variety of public forums.  Most of us welcome this.  It does have its downside – that one unhappy customer.  The one you tried exhaustingly to satisfy.  If you’ve been in business long enough – it either already has happened, or will happen.

    Manage your online reputation by ackowledging those who have reviewed your business. This is an extension of how you appreciate your clients.  AND that one unhappy client.

    Etiquette is simple – thank those positive reviewers for taking time to post and engage the unhappy one – calmly.   Avoid tit for tat.  You can admit a mistake, if that happened, and apologize.  If you have an offering to make amends, do so.

    Your response doesn’t have to be extensive.  Potential clients will read how you responded.  Consumers know there are some people who are very hard to please, but a step toward addressing any negative review goes a long way.   More is telling in HOW you handle the unhappy client; and can speak well to potential clients.

    Don’t avoid a bad review.

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