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    One of the most fun ways of searching the web is through StumbleUpon. Create your profile, add a few interests, say photography and the results are spectacular. While I have little time for surfing, in my test I was stunned by the quality of returns. I never would’ve been able to search out these results in a short time span.

    A wonderful aspect is the option of giving a site a thumbs up – which is a huge help to any website or blogger. You can make a difference for someone’s work you admire or enjoyed.

    How does this help business owners (website owners)? Any social platform like this gives you interaction from website visitors. Anyone visiting your website, and liking it (giving you a thumbs up here) has done you a favor by pulling you, in this case, into the StumbleUpon network. A few minutes of your time – add a badge to your website and you become part of another community.

    If your business is a service – this platform is a very good fit.

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