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    Contemplating a website?  Most websites begin with copy, graphics and photographs.  Later you may add slide shows, a bit of Flash, video, audio, a blog and more.

    Your page copy will be one of the more challenging aspects.  The idea is to be unique in an Internet full of competitors.  How do you write something which hasn’t already been written?  Use your own voice.  Think about how you run your business: quality of your product/service, training, retraining, even community involvement – all of these speak to the ethics of your business.

    Write as you would talk to a potential client.  If you are animated – let your words reflect that online.  Do you use meaningful quote in speaking?  Give credit – include your source.

    Read your competitors’ websites.  Find things you don’t like on websites – then mull over how you would turn that into a positive. 

    Once you begin your copy – you’ll find it isn’t so daunting.

    Website Design

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