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    As a response to many recent inquiries, I am now offering a new monthly program for Webmaster Services. 

    Every second, over 4,500 searches are performed across the Internet.  With that in mind, it’s critical that you are able to be found by those customers seeking your expertise. 

    This is not a lock-you-in 12 month program as many large companies are offering.  It does not include a new website, to which these large companies direct these organic services and any new traffic (and not your existing “true” website) – which means once you cancel – it all goes away.  My program directs everything to your website.  If you decide to cancel – what you have paid for stays in place supporting your website.  This is a critical difference.  For large companies it is about their control over your product.  My offer is to support and drive your website – keeping YOU in control of your online presence.

    I’ve priced my package at a competitive rate and I will continue to give you the same personal service I offered when we created your website.

    I’ve outlined some of the components of Webmaster Services on my website to help you understand their relevance.  Please call me with any questions.  I look forward to working with you to build a stronger online presence.

    Victory Baptist Church, NH

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