• Website Layout

    Google just announced they are changing algorithms in respect to websites who use ads on their sites.

    These can be affiliate ads, even Google Ads, which raises questions yet to be answered.

    On a web page the term “above the fold” means what appears on your screen without having to scroll. This has always been the critical space to get out your message.

    Thus the clutter of ads when you land on websites displaying ads. The goal is to have these ads viewed, and clicked, generating revenue. 

    If you have laid out your web pages for your visitors you most likely won’t be effected. There is even the possibility your site will gain a bit in the search engine results!

    Since mobile phones web designs have been moving toward simplicity, less clutter, less busy and distracting.  If you’ve followed that, you are doing fine.

    If concerned – contact your web designer to evaluate your website.

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