• Why Have a Website?

    Businesses choose to have an online presence for multiple reasons.

    Connecting with new clients is typically a motivating reason for moving online.

    Tired of paying phone book directories which seem to be archaic means a business has to be somewhere in order to compete.

    Some of my clients wanted an online brochure.  Presenting your past workmanship is a breeze, with the ability to show more content than hauling portfolios to prospective clients.

    A wesbite can serve to give basic information from your phone number to hours of operation for a past client who lost your phone number.  It’s a time saver for businesses answering phone calls to give this basic info – everyone is happy.  A website is your 24/7 contact point.

    Here is the one which the Internet has taught us: a website adds legitimacy to any business.  When considering doing hiring a company their website is just the place to research them before picking up the phone. While they have built the website and control the message – it’s a beginning.

    I recently needed a product which was “difficult” to find.  The online community  buzzed with resources to find this item.  A simple Google search on the company name and I found they are located 3 miles from me.  Despite the location not being a typical retail store, they do sell at this facility.  A huge time saver for me.

    Not having a website is no longer an option.


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