Brenda Simon Web Design
Graphic Design, Trifold Brochures
The foundation for your business is visual branding recognition—

graphic design.

A strong identifying custom logo is the cornerstone. It becomes a valuable asset which you own. Even a small business can look big. Each design is unique and custom.

Place your new

logo design

on everything from your website and advertisements to your letterhead,

business cards

and invoices, on delivery vans and T-shirts, any tangible item leaving your business.

We handle both electronic and print design needs. Some of the most common are:
  • business cards
  • letterhead
  • brochures, trifold
  • newsletter—electronic and print
  • logo design
Trifold Brochure

Do I need a logo?
Yes and no. If you're working for an employer and have a side business you can probably get away without it. If you're self-employed or running a small business it becomes more important. You need to stand apart in a visual world where we are bombarded with hundreds of logos by the hour beginning when we open the refrigerator door for breakfast. You need something to draw attention to your ad and website. That anchor for your business becomes your logo. You want a profession and polished look throughout your advertising. Your logo becomes that symbol of strength and polish as you announce your business and send your message.

Graphic design for Chino, Diamond Bar, Ontario, Brea and Orange County.