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Photo Restoration
Turn back the ravages of time on this early 19th century

family heirloom.

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our photos they define who we are. View more restored photos.

photo restoration photo retouch
photo retouch photo retouch
This is a very small photo. The cardboard measures 5" tall by 2.5" wide. It is a perfect candidate for restoration since it could be scanned at a very high resolution and blown up to work the fine lines. There was such extensive damage, deep and fine, plus the mildew, but the end result brought the lady to the foreground, once again.

Photo Restoration:

  • major mildew
  • missing pieces
  • cracks
  • deep clothing tear
  • ink drops
photo retouch

photo retouch
portrait restoration
"WOW!!! This picture is WONDERFUL...
I am so happy!"

photo restoration
This was extremely time consuming since much of the front teeth were missing and no reference photo to aid in recreation. The boy's nose was also severely damaged. The entire photo had stains which were removed from the face and blended in larger areas.

Photo Restoration:

  • severe missing facial features (with no reference photo)
  • uneven & warped background
  • staining across faces (see close up)
  • textured paper

photo retouch

photo retouch

major resoration

"The photo restoration looks absolutely outstanding!!! You are definitely gifted in many, many ways."
—John D

portrait restoration
This was a precious photo—the only photo of mother and son. There was extensive damage to both faces. The owner opted to return to the original true black and white (minus the aging/yellow).

Photo Restoration:

  • severe folding & cracking
  • tears and discoloration across both faces
  • almost every part of this photo had damage
  • color corrected
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