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Photo Restoration
No matter how damaged or faded our photos are we don't throw them away. They are who we are. Now, they can look as clear as the day they were taken! View more severely damaged and restored photos.

Photo Restoration Photo Restoration

1930s vintage photo

was trimmed to fit a frame. Since there was no damage on the face restoration was relatively simple.

Photo Restoration:

  • missing background pieces-upper corners
  • wrinkle on bottom across shoe
  • mildew on bottom
Photo Restoration Photo Restoration
Facial damage requires the most care and time. This is a photo booth 1.5 inch photo. Color correction was not requested.

Photo Restoration:
  • tear across face
  • facial damage
  • extreme tear
  • deep and multiple facial scratches
Photo Restoration Polaroid Chemical Damage Photo Restoration Polaroid Chemical damage
Polaroid chemical peel is prominent in this photo from the 1970s.

Photo Restoration:
  • rebuild the chemical peel
  • damage on screen door
  • color correction
Vintage photo restoration in



Rancho Cucamonga
and beyond.