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I appreciate each of my clients. My web clients are a pleasure. I enjoy learning about their business as we create the best online presence. Photo restoration clients are always a privilege. To be able to restore a photo and bring back the original memory is heart satisfying.

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"I can’t adequately express my gratitude to Brenda for her expertise, her vision and her patience. She took the few sketchy ideas I had about the website I wanted and made it materialize before my eyes. I could not have done without her creative input and insight. She is very affordable, honest, and absolutely a pleasure to work with. My constant questions were handled with such grace and patience. If you are reading this on her website, you have come to the right place!", Claremont, CA

"You always want three things from a vendor: passion, intelligence, and integrity. If you only get the first two, you're in trouble. With Brenda, you get all three plus. She goes the extra mile. She saves you money with her expertise. She makes recommendations you never thought of. And her follow up is simply fantastic. She knows her stuff and she knows how to serve, something so rare that it begs to have shouted when you receive it. If you're considering hiring Brenda, don't wait. Do it now! It will be one of your best decisions made this year.", Costa Mesa, CA

"I have an auto dismantling business in Duarte, California. I was looking for someone to design a website for us and a friend in the auto repair business suggested I try Brenda Simon Creations. Brenda is very helpful, knowledgeable and walked me through the whole process. She came to our business, talked to us about what we do and designed a site that looks great and works great. (She also helped us with a new logo). Having a website has made us easier to find and allows us to attract customers 24 hours a day and from a much greater distance. I HIGHLY recommend Brenda. Having her do a website for us was a terrific return on investment. She has since done some upgrades to our site, and is just now designing a mobile site for us as well.” — Duarte, CA via Yelp

"I'm so excited!!! I love the pictures you put in! We are VERY happy with how it has turned out! I think it has a good, warm feel to it."UplandAnimalHospital, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"If anyone is looking for someone to create, redesign or update their website, I highly recommend our webmaster Brenda Simon. No matter what we throw at her, she has a solution. She's innovative and so hard working. She finds the most efficient and cost effective solution for our continuing website development to keep our SEO working hard in this competitive market. She just launched our mobile website, guiding us through the process one step at a time." —Dawn Ferrec,, New York via Facebook

"The website looks great, I'm really pleased, I wish everyone I worked with was as helpful as you have been. I thank you for all your work, attention to detail, customer service and for making this easy for me."KerberAuto, Upland, CA

"You went above and beyond helping me get my domain name back from AT & T. Thanks!", Riverside, CA

"We were excited about the prospect of giving our website a fresh, inviting new look. The final result far exceeded our initial expectations! Brenda provided conceptual input and innovative options that allowed our site to expand beyond our initial ideas without us exceeding our budget!! She treated us with such thoughtfulness, care, and diligence that the process was truly a pleasure." —, New York

"Thanks again for a job well-done. I'll definitely recommend you to anyone.", La Verne, CA

"I'm already getting great feedback! Thank you again for all you've did great work! I have received more comments about the website than I could even tell you about!"TriStateBibleCamp, New Jersey

"I really appreciate that you always take care of your customers and prevent any fraud from people without conscience or honesty. God bless you." M & D Stone Tile, Chino, CA

"Thank you so much for all your hard work!! Again thank you for all of your out of your way help. You are very appreciated to say the least!"S&S Motorworks, Pomona, CA

"Brenda, thank you so much! I can't tell you how thrilled I am with the website. You have done a phenomenal job!! You have made this experience fun and exciting. You were always willing to try new things. Thanks to you I feel confident that I have the best possible website to represent me and my abilities. A million thanks." —, New York

"We love the website!" —, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"Thanks for your good service." —, Ontario, CA

"Working with Brenda to set up our website has been a fantastic experience. Not only was she open to suggestions and ideas that we had but she also gave us a lot of valuable input and insights into what we needed for our site. We will be recommending her to anyone we know who is going to be developing a website."AuntieAnniesStuff, Wisconsin

"Thank you for all your hard work and guidance. I appreciate your enthusiasm and wisdom more than you know.", Costa Mesa, CA

“Brenda is outstanding! She thinks out of the box as well as in, as appropriate. She's considerate, thorough, thoughtful, creative, prompt, reasonable in pricing, and more. Everything I could ask more...and patient! I value and very much appreciate my professional relationship over the years with Brenda. I highly recommend Brenda Simon, creative person and professional that she is.” Velling & Associates Communications Training, Pasadena, CA

"Brenda built my website quickly and on time. She was a real help as I am a novice at this stuff and she is well versed in the design and layout of a web page and how to make it work for you. I highly recommend her for all your web based needs.", Riverside, CA

"Again, thanks for the good work in a professional timely manner. We will definitely give you a call again when things come up." —N. Hung, Life Guard Gloves

"The photo restoration looks absolutely outstanding!!! You are definitely gifted in many, many ways." —John D, Signal Hill, CA

"Many thanks for your help with this project...This is beautiful! I cannot believe you were able to do this so quickly...they treasured most the collection of restored photos. Everyone was glad to have pictures since we thought they were all lost or ruined by the fire. Thank you so much for helping to make that magic happen!" —Melissa, Texas