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Custom Web Design - Affordable custom website design with search engine optimization for small business.
Website Redesign - Improve the look, feel and functionality of an outdated website.
Website Clients - View some of Brenda's clients.
Services - Website design, photography, graphic design and Internet related services to get your business online.
How It Works - Where do you begin?
FAQs - Custom Web Design FAQs, why hire a professional?
Webmaster Services - Once your website is live there are organic services to boost your search engine rankings.
Graphic Design - Graphic design and logo design services. Sample work.
Logo Design - How a logo strengthens your branding.
Photo Editing - Full photo editing for websites, slide shows and photo restoration.
Testimonials - Read what clients have to say.
Drive Your Website - Tips for driving traffic to your website.
Website 3 Steps - Three pieces of any website.
Mobile Website - Embrace the opportunity to get your business on mobile devices.
Responsive vs Separate Mobile Website - How to decide between a responsive or separate mobile website.
Custom Website vs Template - Side by side comparison to help you decide the best solution for your business.
Website Photography & Video - Douglas Simon partners to provide creative original photography and video.
How to Make a Choice for Internet Marketing - internet marketing needs from pay-per-click to organic SEO
WordPress Website - An affordable solution for very small businesses.
Photo Restoration - Vintage photos restored.
Contact - Phone and email.
About Brenda - Professional website designer.
Oil Paintings - Fine art oil paintings, scenic.
Watercolor Paintings - Scenic watercolor art.
Simon & Simon Music - Musical duo.
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